The Linux® Kernel Translation Project


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Thank you for interest in The Linux Kernel Translation Project.

Translation Groups

First, please find the translator's group which matchs to your nationality and please contact the project's leader.

Creating a translation group

If you didn't find the group/translator follow the next instructions (recommended):

  • Download the lastest kernel release and unpack it to ex. /usr/src/.
  • Download the lastest TLKTP release.
  • Download the lastest TLKTP language pack.
  • Install it:
    $ cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.24
    $ cat tlktp-i18n-2.6.24.x.patch | patch -p1
    $ tar xjf tlktp-langpack-2.6.24.x.tar.gz
  • Subscribe to tlktp-general mailing list
  • Send a notify mail to mailing list or EGRY Gabor
  • Copy the scripts/kconfig/po/linux.pot to {lc}_{CC}.po if doesn't exist where the {lc} is the language code and the {CC} is the two letter country code(A2). Example: Portuguese spoken in Brazil: pt_BR.po or Hungarian spoken in Hungary: hu.po .
  • Begin the translation with kbabel (or gtranslator, etc.).


  • You can choice more methods:
    • Kconfig based translation. In this case be careful with multiplicated items and don't transtale them in the first round (see message locations).
    • Sliced translation (see README in tlktp-tools).
  • Translate the one line messages first if you have got few time.

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