The Linux® Kernel Translation Project


Install (kernel's default):

 $ cd /usr/src/linux
 $ tar xjf tlktp-langpack-2.6.24.x.tar.bz2
 $ sudo msgfmt --output /usr/share/locale/{LANG_CODE}/LC_MESSAGES/ scripts/kconfig/po/{LANG_CODE}.po

Install (TLKTP):

 $ cd /usr/src/linux
 $ cat tlktp-i18n-2.6.24.x.patch | patch -p1
 $ tar xjf tlktp-langpack-2.6.24.x.tar.bz2

 Requires the installed and well-configured gettext 0.12 or better (with msgcat).
 Note if you use the Debian Woody (3.0) you need upgrade gettext.


 With default (and supported) language: $ make xconfig
 With an example language: $ LANG=hu_HU make xconfig
 Or in original English: $ LANG=C make xconfig


LINUX® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.